Ways You Can Recognzie a Legitimate Online Pharmacy

There are 3 simple ways to recognize a legitimate internet pharmacy.

Rule#1–first, get your prescriptions by seeing a real, live doctor. Don’t buy online from sites that offer to prescribe a medicine for the first time without a exam by your doctor or that sell a prescription medicine without a prescription.

Rule#2–You can tell if a website is legitimate because these sites always require a prescription by your doctor or a legitimate healthcare provider. Also a written verification policy is usually posted on the site.

Rule#3–Use a pharmacy where all doctors and pharmacies are licensed and abide with all applicable state laws.

There are 4 things you must do to to fill a your prescriptions online Online pharmacy.

1. A power of attorney&release form.

2. A patient profile questionnaire.

3. a valid American prescription.

4. Your billing information.

They can easily be submitted online, faxed in, or signed and mailed to the online pharmacy. It is extremely important to provide as much information as possible when filling out the online consultation. Without a complete backgound of your medical history as it relates to you doctors will be to provide the best possible care. Online pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular as a quick, painless way to order medications without having to make a trip to your local pharmacy.