How To Snake Clean Clogged Dryer Vents

A clogged drier prevents garments from drying effectively. The sole means of unclogging the dryer is by cleaning it. In certain cases, the vents move up through walls plus they can’t be effectively cleaned employing the common methods. Here snake cleanup is demanded.

How to snake clean a clogged dryer vent

To snake clean the port you want to disconnect the dryer out of the electrical circuit outlet and get rid of the dryer out of the rear wall to ensure that you can easily get into the exhaust vent. You should then elongate the screw thread from the clamp working with a screwdriver. Once you’ve loosened the screws you should pull on the duct work away from your drier dryer vent installation.

You should then disconnect the duct out of the outside port and then push the drier brush throughout the tube of this outside dryer port and rotate the brush. To remove lint that you may perhaps not need taken from the other finish, you really should pull the brush out.

After doing this you must add the conclusion of an electrician’s fish tape into the bottom conclusion of their dryer duct. You should continue pushing on the tape through the duct before it gets on the alternative stop. For all you to be aware of when the cassette has to the flip side it is advisable you have some body around the alternative finish.

You then need to join the handle of this dryer lint brush to the electrician’s tape and then slowly pull the tape throughout the ductwork. You need to go on cranking the tape deal and soon you feel some immunity.

The immunity stems from your bending of this tape around a turn from the duct or being a result of buildup of lint. After setting a little resistance you should then grab the tape and push this down and up as a way to un-jam the dryer brush. To avoid damage you certainly should do it slowly and gradually.

Once you’ve moved beyond the immunity you should start moving again. You need to keep on reeling from the tape until the brush receives on the end. After you get the brush you need to repackage the brush out of the tape and add the brush into the drier drainage vent.

Soon after removing each of the lint you should re connect the ends of this duct work into the dryer vent. You also need to reconnect the exhaust vent into the back of the drier. To secure the ductwork you have to tighten the clamp screws. After the screws are secure you have to push the dryer back towards the wall and then plug at the power cord.

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