Surfing and the Mobile App Developer!

The mobile app developer biz is just a little similar to surfing. You wax your board, find out more about the beach and the tidal problems. Get there early, double check all your preparations, and paddle out into the ocean into the desired locale. Afterward, JUST await! Wait for the ideal wave, perhaps not the next tide, but the ideal wave! Then you see it, the wave, rising behind you, and carrying everything in its path towards shore, whether you are ready or not!

Being ready for another wave in technology is much similar to surfing. Whether you are ready or not, this tide is crashing across your company, crossing all Firms before it. You may either ride on the crest of the wave of cellular Technology embracing a totally new approach to connect with clients, or becoming blindsided by the wave, go under water, wind up choking and spitting, end up with that person in the sand, looking for the board!

As a Mobile AppValley  Developer, sitting inside this vast online ocean, waiting for this next wave of customers to paddle out and ride this next great WAVE inside this know-how that we are living through. It’s going to be MOBILE! We’ve had the Internet, DOT COM, PC, Laptops, and Social, to name a few. Next is going to be your smartphone! Apple is attempting to sell 378000 tablets each day! More smartphone customers daily compared to people born on the planet! That is only 1 company! Smartphones would be the new thing. Here to Remain. Therefore, how does this affect your business?

Just how many of your visitors already possess a smartphone? What bonus would you offer to make them down load your smartphone program? Once they download it, how can you enhance your relationship with them? What might that mean to a bottomline?

The possibilities are endless:

You own a restaurant, it’s Monday night at 7:30pm, also just SLOW! Thus, you pull out a smartphone or computer log onto a website and start typing. Buy 1 get 1 free Entries for the upcoming hour! Or Next 20 new customers from the bar with this particular message get a complimentary beverage! The messages strikes every smartphone with all the program downloaded, exactly such as a text message. It can alter a night in an average night, an average nighttime to a superb nighttime, or your very best night ever!! It’s yours to do the job with, the possibilities are infinite.

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